Who is Paul ?

Paul Turkowski is a freelance photographer from Austria. He was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1980. At the age of 12 he moved to Vorarlberg, Austria. Today, Paul lives in Rankweil and besides the photography he works as an IT engineer in an e-mail marketing agency.

When Paul moved to Austria, he was fascinated by the impressive landscapes and mountains. It was the beginning of his other passion, skiing and snowboarding. Paul ever since documented his skiing trips with a camera. To improve the quality of his pictures, he bought his first DSLR and started to take photographs of the local ski- and snowboard scene.

Over the years Paul extended his photography subjects, especially for landscapes, architecture and paragliding photography. In 2008 he worked as a photographer for a photo-agency specialized in sport events.

Never stop! Paul always tries to improve his photography and post-processing skills. He took part in various photo workshops to extend his knowledge and learn new forms and techniques of imagery. Except his passion for photography and in times when the mountains have no snow, Paul enjoys bicycling, traveling and reading crime stories.

If you want to interact with Paul, you can also visit him on Google+